The church is the cornerstone of our great nation. Gonzalez Law is proud to represent the church, pastors, and religious organizations. Church law covers all facets of the church, including contracts, negligence, employment, board and governance, property, religious liberties, etc. If you have a legal issue or question regarding your church or ministry, allow us to handle it so that you can get back to advancing the gospel.

  • Entity Formation
    • Not for Profit Articles of Incorporation
    • Bylaws
    • I.R.C. § 501(c)(3) Tax-Exemption
  • Corporate Governance
  • Tax Compliance
  • Litigation
  • Religious Liberties Advocacy

Gonzalez Law Offices, P.A. proudly represents nonprofit organizations and tax-exempt organizations, including churches, ministries, religious organizations, and private educational institutions. Gonzalez Law is dedicated to serving the legal needs of faith-based organizations throughout the United States.


Gonzalez Law believes that a properly organized church better advances the gospel and better serves the community. For that reason, Gonzalez Law is dedicated to building stronger churches. The strength of the corporate aspect of the church begins at the foundation; articles of incorporation, bylaws, and tax-exemption. Gonzalez Law recommends that every church review its articles of incorporation to ensure that they contain the necessary language for obtaining substantial benefits afforded by the Internal Revenue Code. Additionally, Gonzalez Law recommends a thorough review and revision of bylaws at least every 2 years in order to remain current with regard to changes in the church, as well as in legislation and case law.

Corporate Governance

On one hand the church has a divine duty to maintain the body of Christ, and on the other hand the church has a legal duty to maintain its corporation; neither can be neglected. Gonzalez Law provides guidance and training for your Board of Directors, or governing body, so that your church is well-prepared to make important decisions. Gonzalez Law is prepared to assist your church with holding official board meeting, creating meeting minutes, drafting resolutions, and more.

Tax Compliance

The Internal Revenue Code requires that tax-exempt organizations strictly comply with certain rules and regulations. Gonzalez Law will assist your church in remaining compliant with these laws and avoid pitfalls which can result in severe penalties and fines. Gonzalez Law provides legal services regarding: unrelated business income tax, recordkeeping, reporting, social security exemption, housing allowance, employment forms, and more.


America is one of the most litigatious societies in the world, and the church is not exempt. As a matter of fact, litigation involving the church is on the rise. Gonzalez Law consistently studies the primary reasons that churches are in court and works with churches to prevent and/or defend these attacks. It is imperative that every church implement and maintain proper risk management strategies in order to effectively protect the church from costly legal disputes.

Religious Liberties Advocacy

Gonzalez Law believes that religious liberties are the cornerstone upon which the United States of America was built. Accordingly, Gonzalez Law consistently monitors the latest legislation and case law relating to religious liberties and works with other individuals and organizations to support laws that protect the church and oppose laws which harm the church. Gonzalez Law partners with churches, Christian organizations, ministries, pastors, radio stations, parochial schools, and people of faith to preserve and advance religious liberties.