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Gonzalez Law Offices, P.A., based in Miami, Florida, offers quality legal services to individuals and businesses in civil litigation and church law.


  • - 2012

    Mr. Gonzalez co-authored, “The Duty to Preserve Documents in Florida,” published in Construction Ink!

  • - 2014

    Mr. Gonzalez served as part of the defense team for Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi in the publicized United States of America v. Michael A. Pizzi. Following a five-week trial in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, the jury acquitted Mr. Pizzi on all counts.

  • – 2015

    Mr. Gonzalez and Alexander Alfano, Esq. create the Religious Liberty Report, a Christian Legal Radio Broadcast Ministry, on Life FM 90.9 which airs every Saturday from 9:00 a.m – 9:30 a.m.

  • – 2016

    Mr. Gonzalez enjoyed the privilege of representing Alfred Santamaria, a candidate for the Miami-Dade County Mayor position.

    Mr. Gonzalez received the privilege of representing the Christian Family Coalition and begins hosting Pastor Protection conferences throughout Florida with Tony Verdugo, Founder of Christian Family Coalition.

    Mr. Gonzalez received the privilege of serving as General Counsel to the Miami-Dade FCPO (Fellowship of Christian Police Officers).

  • - 2017

    Mr. Gonzalez received the honor of an Honorary Doctorate of Ministry in Humanities from Revelation University for his work with the church and community.

    Mr. Gonzalez, Alexander Alfano, Esq. and the Christian Family Coalition united to help defeat Miami-Dade Legislative Item 171359, a bill aiming to ban conversion therapy.

  • - 2018

    Mr. Gonzalez received the privilege of accepting an invitation to serve on the advisory board for the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).

    Mr. Gonzalez held the first American Church Law Conference in Miami, Florida.

    Mr. Gonzalez received the privilege of accepting an invitation to serve as the Keynote Speaker at the 2018 Revelation University Graduation.

    Mr. Gonzalez received the privilege of accepting an invitation to hold a Church Law Workshop at the Recharge Conference.

    Mr. Gonzalez received the privilege of accepting an Award of Excellence in Promoting Community Leadership from Revelation University.

    Mr. Gonzalez received the privilege of serving as General Counsel to the Association of Hispanic Ministers of South Florida.

    Mr. Gonzalez received the privilege of serving as General Counsel to the Christian Chamber of Greater Miami.

    Mr. Gonzalez received the privilege of accepting an invitation to hold a Church Law Workshop at Exploit 2018.

    Mr. Gonzalez appeared as a guest on KBI TV to discuss Church Law.

  • - 2019

    Mr. Gonzalez hosted the 2nd Annual American Church Law Conference in Miami, Florida.

    Mr. Gonzalez appeared as a guest on Buenas Nuevas Memphis Radio Program to discuss Church Law.

    Mr. Gonzalez partnered with U.S. Century Bank and the Center for Social Change to host a “Lunch for Nonprofits” to discuss proper corporate governance.

    Mr. Gonzalez appeared as a guest on Grow Podcast to discuss Church Law.

    Mr. Gonzalez appeared as the guest speaker at the FCPO (Fellowship Christian Police Officers) Monthly Meeting.

    Mr. Gonzalez appeared as the Keynote Speaker at the Church Law Workshops at Expolit 2019.


  • Loren Gaitan

    Anthony helped me start up my business smoothly. He was very detailed and thorough with every aspect. I highly recommend him as an attorney. You can be sure that from the moment you become his client, he will give you his undivided attention.

  • J.C. Diaz

    I have been trusting Attorney Anthony Gonzalez for all of my legal matters for some time now. Mr. Gonzalez's advice, care, and legal representation made all the difference when both my business and my family needed it most. Mr. Gonzalez's counsel is honest and open, and his work is effective. My organization and my loved ones are indeed indebted to him.

  • Carlos Carcache

    We are so blessed to have Mr. Gonzalez and his firm in our team. His professionalism, integrity, ethics and values are the virtues that made us want to partner with them. We trust Mr. Gonzalez’s judgment and advise for all the matters related to our church and even personal. One City Church ans myselft are truly privileged to have Mr. Gonzalez as our attorney.

  • Jose Velez

    Anthony Gonzalez helped me and provided excellent service. Great attorney and most importantly a great person. Highly recommend.

  • Martha Delgado

    I have had the pleasure of working with Anthony Gonzalez for several years and he has truly been an ideal legal advisor for my business. Importantly, he has tremendous litigation skills and knowledge. He took his own time to learn about my business and provide his most ethical legal advice. Anthony is an outstanding attorney and has provided me with fantastic results. He is dedicated, passionate, and professional.

  • Eric Orozco

    Superior service and attention. A true professional.

  • Jonathan Llanes

    Gonzales Law Offices has been my Personal and Business lawyer. They have helped us with several legal cases. Anthony is professional and efficient and keeps us informed every step of the way, with respect and honesty. We are all at ease knowing that we have the Gonzalez Law Offices backing us up when needed.

  • Ana Miranda

    Attorney Anthony Gonzalez assisted me in re-titling properties I own. He took time to listen to my concerns and make sound recommendations based on my current situation. He is knowledgeable in his field, professional and committed to his work. I highly recommend him and his law firm.

  • Martha Hernandez

    Extremely professional and organized, very helpful and responsible.

  • Miami-Dade FCPO

    We are blessed to have Mr.Gonzalez on our team! We feel confident in knowing that we can go out and do Gods work in our community without having to worry about the many legal aspects that come with being a fully operational nonprofit organization. He is very knowledgeable and always professional! We highly recommend the services of Gonzalez Law Offices to any non profit organization or anyone that is considering starting one.

  • Edofer Insurance

    Attorney Anthony Gonzalez, is our family attorney. We use his service for all our personal and business needs. His team is wonderful. You are in great hands with this law firm. I highly recommend.

  • Vivian Machado

    I was referred to the Gonzalez Law Office when my company was being cyber-bullied online by a competitor who, in order to sell their products, had to put mine down. It was a horrible situation since my customers with excellent reviews were being silenced and/or ousted from the forums. I contacted a few attorneys who did not offer any assistance, even though I was paying .... I was told what I was claiming was very difficult to prove and in the end, I would spend money with no results. Anthony did not refuse to work with me and did not give me a grim outlook. Instead, he came up with a game plan that I fully complied with. The results {drum roll please}, my business is once again flourishing, based on reviews from old and new customers, that are no longer being silenced/threatened. I would recommend Gonzalez Law to everyone looking for a favorable resolution. My case seemed dire until I hired the best attorney!

  • Steven Landestoy

    The one and only law firm I would recommend. Very professional and most importantly get the job done every time in a timely manner.

  • Rafael Galvez

    Very reliable, honest, professional, and efficient. It is a peace of mind to be represented by this office.

  • Julian Andrews

    Anthony Gonzalez has been nothing but professional and efficient in his law firm's processes. Not only was he super quick to get back to me but the fact that he was bilingual really helped my situation.

  • Rosa Arevalo

    Attorney Anthony Gonzalez is excellent. He is straight to the point and is competent in his field. He is worth the price. Highly recommended!